Reporting and Analytics

Building understanding and success for Sonoma State University.

In the Office of Reporting and Analytics (RA), our mission is exciting and challenging, but clear: we bridge the gap between observations and outcomes to help our community understand what Sonoma State’s students’ successes, challenges, and needs really are. We are Sonoma State’s primary source for the collection, integration, and analysis of university data. Our office helps inform institutional decision-making with a view to achieve the Sonoma State’s strategic goals of student success, academic excellence and innovation, leadership enrichment, and transformative influence.

But it all starts with collaborative, insightful and thoughtful data reporting. We connect the campus community by delivering reports and analyses that are objective, practical, clear, and innovative. Data reporting is what we do, who are we are, how we think and how we make a positive impact on SSU. With a rockstar team of data-minded people, we’re proud of our role and excited for what the future holds.

Through the use of institutional data, our office gives an extraordinary overview of Sonoma State University’s success.